The Bad News is Time Flies…

The good news is-you’re the pilot.

The emotional roller coaster that is infertility can rock you to your core, the pain that comes with it can be felt in the most mundane of actions.

The everyday tasks you did a thousand times before you ever thought about having children but all of a sudden you find yourself crying in the cereal aisle of Stop and Shop because you’ve found yourself wondering if your child is going to like Cocoa Pebbles like you or Cinnamon Toast Crunch like his dad and then it hits you, there’s a very real chance you might never know these things.

I want to apologize for taking so long in between posts but I finally have two pieces of exciting news to share – no we’re not pregnant.

First-  my husband’s tests came back and it’s been confirmed that he DOES NOT have an overactive prolactin gland and will not require brain surgery BUT after several rounds of clomid we’re still holding with a diagnosis of Male Factor Infertility (MFI).

Second- Tuesday we’ve got an appointment to meet with Boston IVF!  There’s been a re-invigoration of excitement and hope that we didn’t even know we had started to lose since we made this appointment.

I cannot wait to update everyone on how it goes!  Wish us luck!

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