“Do What You Want-

-you’re going to anyways”- my husband any time I tell him that I’m going to do anything.

Over the weekend I went to my husband and asked how he felt about me starting a blog that detailed our struggles conceiving and how it was affecting us as a couple and our family life in general.  While it was received with less enthusiasm than I thought he should have (isn’t that how every husband initially is about his wife’s new big adventure though?) I got the standard blessing nonetheless.

My name is Samantha and my husband and I started this journey to fertile fields almost a year ago.  Coming from a big family that procreates like it’s their day job I never imagined that I’d be sitting in my doctor’s office hearing that it was going to take “some work” for us to start a family.  Blindsided with the news I marched down to the labs to have my blood work redone like I was some warrior goddess-and any one who’s talked to me for more than 3 seconds knows that this is not the norm; I have a massive needle phobia and will often wake up from an IV nightmare (ugh how ridiculous!) with massive grooves in my arm from trying to dig it out, but I was determined- the doctors were wrong, the ultrasound techs were wrong, Mercury was in retrograde and everyone was wrong and that’s why I wasn’t getting pregnant!  But, as is life, I was the one who was wrong. Armed with this news I brought “the cup” home to my husband so we could prove that he had gold medal winning Olympic swimmers and the doctors were wrong about that being a factor as well! Again, life laughed at me and let me know with the blunt force of a Mack truck that I was wrong.

So here we are! We’ve both started different fertility medications and are working closely with our doctors constantly trying to determine what our next step will be.  This journey isn’t going to be easy by any means, the toll it’s already taking emotionally, physically, and financially is often overwhelming but we know that the future of our family is more than worth it.  I look forward to sharing our highs and lows with you and if there’s anyone out there who is struggling with the same thing I hope that this can help you in any capacity.


5 Replies to ““Do What You Want-”

  1. Love you’s and can’t wait to see what Gods going to do for you’s,, you are going to make GREAT parents,, have faith, ❤ thoughts and prayers ❤


  2. You are such an amazing, beautiful (INSIDE and out) woman. Thanks for sharing. You are going to help. Your bravery in sharing let’s others feel less alone in their fertility struggles which can be crippling. I wish you and your husband (who is nameless for now) patience and peace. 💙


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